History of Heartland Threads

In February 2020, LindaDee Derrickson distributed copies of Fibershed, by Rebecca Burgess, to a small group of enthusiastic fiber growers, crafters, and artisans who were meeting monthly at her home on “Second Sundays”, as it was called. She wanted the group to think about creating a local “Fibershed”, inspired by the work and ideas from other groups throughout the country.
LindaDee identified four women from the “Second Sundays” to join her on a Steering Committee, which first met on March 1, 2020. LindaDee took on the role of President, Tracey Schwalbe volunteered to be Secretary, Mavin Lisa Giss and Allison Markoski were Vice Presidents, and Joyce Williams became Treasurer. All were excited to dive into the startup process of creating bylaws, incorporating with the State, applying for IRS non-profit status, choosing a name, logo, & mission, designing a website, and a plethora of other tasks to get off the ground.
The Steering Committee, later the Board of Directors, met monthly and adopted formal Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, crafted by Tracey who also took over shepherding of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit application, filed by Allison. LindaDee submitted an application for Affiliate Fibershed with the national Fibershed organization. A Zoom meeting with their membership coordinator was held in July with Board members Tracey, Jessa and LindaDee.
Board meetings were held outdoors when Covid arrived and then by Zoom when weather turned cold. Along the way, we said “good-bye” to VP Allison and Treasurer Joyce due to changes in their availability. Tracey added Treasurer to her Secretarial duties and took over the bank account set up by Joyce. We then welcomed Jessa Lane and Lauren MacElroy to fill the vacant Board seats. Our first name choice was “Cheesehead Fibershed”. However, upon further reflection of our region, goals, and mission, the Board selected the name,  “Heartland Threads”. In September 2020, the IRS approved our nonprofit status, retroactive to March 17, 2020.
This website was designed and launched by Mavin on January 1, 2020, with additional text and photos contributed by other Board members.  
The next chapter in our “History” will be written by YOU, when you join us. Our Member Form is designed to give us information for building a Fiber/Textile Network Directory, and to identify the programs and events you are most interested in.
Let’s make 2021 the start of celebrating our vibrant LOCAL FIBER community!
Heartland Threads Board Meeting