2021 Farm-to-Fashion Challenge Submissions


Submitted by: Tracey Schwalbe

Project Description: I was re-learning how to knit and used some wool yarn I had bought at the Sheep & Wool Festival many years ago. After some practice, I found a simple repeating pattern that worked. It's very much a beginner's try, but I love it and it's very warm!!

Personal Statement: I have tried to learn to knit several times. I have made a few things, but I was never a great knitter. I am trying to re-learn again because I raise Gotland sheep and have lots of wool and yarn. 🙂 I am still very much a beginning knitter.


Submitted by: Brenda Carus

Project Description: Shawl using Shetland yarn from Red House Farm in Monroe, WI. Natural yarn was hand dyed using black walnuts and horse chestnuts. Shawl pattern incorporates floral lace, Estonian nupps, and herringbone lace.

Personal Statement: Brenda is a knitter of twenty years, but this was her first foray into dyeing yarn.

Wrist Warmers

Submitted by: Tracey Schwalbe

Project Description: They are made from the wool from my Gotland sheep (80% Gotland, 20% merino) and knitted by my sister.

Wrist Warmers

Submitted by: LindaDee Derrickson

Project Description: Wrist warmers using natural undyed fibers (wool and angora) from recycled yarn, purchased locally at St. Vinnies during one of their big yarn sales--tables and tables of yarn in bag lots. It was time consuming to pick through all the "plastic fibers" to find 100% undyed wool, and natural blends and I confess to sneaking my fingers through the staples and into bags to "feel", rejecting most, but finding a few treasures. For the wrist warmers, I used #2 double point needles with multiple color changes and combinations to add interest to the simple stockinette pattern.

Personal Statement: I'm a consumate fiber geek, tending a wool flock of Jacob, Tunis, Gotland, & CVM sheep. Spinning their wool is my joy while knitting is a chore. So why not make something from my own homespun? Because as president of Heartland Threads Fibershed, I wanted to point out the use of ready made yarn from local resale shops. This doesn't replace buying new fibers, roving or yarn from shops, mills & farmers (like me). All are good choices.